Orion & Ruth Ruckle.

Abide was birthed out of Ruth and Orion’s desire to provide a space for an environment of free, unscripted worship. A worship unrestricted by timelines, where authenticity, vulnerability, trust, and love can come together hosted by a unified body empowered by the Holy Spirit.

They saw that there was already a community of people looking for a space to do this, so they decided to provide it, and allow God to continue to work through them, and those who seek the same type of experience.

We Believe.

We are ….

Bible-believing – the whole Bible, as it is written, that it’s the active and living Word of God;

We are Holy Spirit Filled – we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal, save, deliver, set free from bondage, and connect an individual directly to the Father;

We believe in ONE God, as three persons – Father, Son, Holy Spirit;

We believe you have a unique, personal relationship with each person of the God-head;

We believe in miracles – the miraculous should be actively moving throughout the body of Christ today, it was not just for the apostles in the Bible, it’s for all of us now;

We actively pursue the prophetic – God speaks and everybody has the ability to hear Him. It’s our heart at Abide to make sure that you are connected in a way that you can access the voice of God in your life, for yourself and for others;

We believe that people are living stones, not to be carbon copies of one another – 1 Peter 2:5. It’s our goal to empower and give people space to be uniquely who God says they are;

We believe that we are better together as a unified body of believers. We actively pursue like-minded ministries to partner with so we can accomplish more for the Kingdom in our city;

Loving people well is at the core of all we do at Abide. It motivates us more than anything to open the doors of our home and offer space for people to mature into their greatness.

We believe that God is redeeming and restoring Family. One of our passions is to raise up healthy mothers and fathers who can pour into and raise up healthy families.